Since 1990, Kiester Ciccone Bollier, LLP has earned the trust of thousands in central Texas through their unwavering commitment to be client advocates. Garnered by years of expertise, the KCB team is dedicated to the details of your unique family law matter and will fight to achieve the best possible result.

Our Areas of Expertise

Family Law

We understand the highly personal and emotionally complex nature of family law and will fight for you as we would for our own families. We are trusted advocates who lead you through each aspect of the case with exceptional understanding and expertise. Responsive and results-driven, we are committed to you and your family’s safety and emotional well-being.

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Civil Law

KCB has a broad range of experience in commercial and civil law matter. Attention to detail is vital in these cases as there are numerous procedural rules and hurdles. Our firm is dedicated to providing its clients with cost-effective results through quality representation.

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Client Testimonials

Divorce isn't easy for anyone involved, but Leslie made the process as painless as possible during a very painful time. She kept everything moving forward with the goal of an equitable settlement. She is thoughtful, yet she keeps emotions at bay and stays professional to meet the end goal. Unfortunately, many of my friends have gone through divorces, and I recommend her as my go-to attorney.

I am deeply thankful for KCB lawyers, particularly Tony. He is efficient, professional, and most of all he made me feel secure and comforted during my divorce. He is an extremely experienced lawyer and knows what he is doing. He holds his client’s interests in the highest regard.

As a father trying to get custody of my children, I found that the bar that I needed to overcome was set very high. Leslie and her team were unrelenting in their quest to succeed in getting the original custody orders reversed. She took a personal interest in my children’s situation and fought hard to make a difference. She even succeeded in getting a $100,000 award of attorneys’ fees. Amazing!

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